HUG _Black Crossbody Leather Bag

HUG _01046
Σύντομα Διαθέσιμο
EUR 280.00


Height 21cm, Width 28cm, Depth 17cm, Shoulder strap max extension 110 

A stylish curved leather bag gives your ensemble a touch of contemporary elegance and casual sophistication, ensuring you're equipped for any event. This trend's geometric style and eye-catching features appeal to modern women and undoubtedly complements your outfit.

Made of smooth black leather with chic closure and a black capacious lined interior to accommodate your belongings. There's plenty of storage with zipped and slip pockets, as well as an external pocket for easy-to-find items. A stylish handcrafted black zipper at the bottom added to versatile the design with extra volume while the black strapped handle is beautifully incorporated for a striking style statement. 

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