HUG - Burgundy Tote Bag

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EUR 320.00

This capacious warm burgundy leather bag with a clean-lined shape provides the ideal combination of elegance and casual ease. The exceptional refinement adds a touch of sophistication to your ensemble and can be carried anywhere from work to the weekend, thanks to its balance of contemporary styling and superior craftsmanship. Experience the process of acquiring it and use it to create unique styles for any occasion.

A roomy shoulder bag in a stunning burgundy color is a head turner, exuding a modern yet refined temperament. With an extra compartment-pocket in the middle of the black lined interior, as well as slip and zipped pockets for your secure valuables and an external pocket in the back for easy-to-pick objects, there's enough of storage. Double flat leather handles ensure a comfortable grip and a stylish overall look.

Height 34 cm, Width 40 cm, Depth 12 cm, Handle 60 cm

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