HUG - Colorblock Structured Tote Bag

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EUR 315.00

Incorporated touch of refined aesthetics, masterfully handcrafted loaded with fashion-forward style and shimmering luxury.  The chic polymorphic structured silhouette of this colorblock bag is one of the emerging trends of this season and beyond. Enrich your wardrobe with the impeccable accessory and get the look.

Quality textures and materials mixing in timeless craftsmanship for added sophistication and attitude. Delicate blending of olive green, brown and black color reflects the modern attitude through the vintage-influenced design. What seems a tote with flappy wings in the front, is a barrel bag by the side. Small but roomy enough for your essentials with interior zippered and double slip one pockets for extra space. Black leather ending with a noticeable foldover to secure extra with a magnet while the black leather built-in handles artistically crafted add a breezing appearance. 

Will this bag mark the season? Definitely!

Height 25  cm, Width, Depth 25 cm, Shoulder strap max extension 63 cm

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