HUG - Taupe Quilted Leather Drawstring Bag

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EUR 318.00

A unique blend of comfort and casual elegance with soft texture for a timeless appearance. Combination of materials with luxury craftsmanship, directional design and exceptional finishing makes an essential addition to your collection and paves the way for minimalism and contemporary style. Smooth taupe leather quilted in handcrafted leather tiles featuring a drawstring closure at the throat. So many pockets so much ample room, a zippered pocket and a double slip one in the black durable fabric interior for extra space. You can store your essentials in the front external pocket with magnetic clasp closure to keep them close at hand while another zippered external pocket at the backside holds for extra security. Play with versatility in handling. Hold the two handle-straps at both sides for trendy hobo bag or use your longer straps for a light yet functional backpack Either way, you hold an indispensable piece, at work, at the cafe, at a night out, handbag, bucket bag, backpack, shoulder bag, whatever way you choose is the perfect touch to any outfit or occasion.

Height 38 cm, Width 30 cm, Depth 18 cm, Handle 36cm, Shoulder strap max extension 100 cm

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